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Why Mickey’s?

A Local Restaurant Offering Southern-style Home Cooking

It’s great to have a neighborhood spot where you can bring the family any time of day, enjoy some delicious, fresh food made to order in a comfortable setting! Mickey’s Café is exactly that! Fast food that isn’t “fast food!” You will be served quickly, but your food will be made the way you ask for it. The kids can enjoy a burger or hot dog and fries. The adults can enjoy a full course meal at a reasonable price. Fast, fresh and friendly–that’s why Mickey’s Café will become your new favorite place to eat!

It’s Also a Retro Ice Cream Parlor!

How long has it been since someone scooped ice cream into a cone or dish for you? Do you yearn for an old-fashioned banana split that is actually big enough to split with a friend? Better than the national chains that charge big-city prices…bring the family to Mickey’s! All sorts of fantastic flavors in addition to the standard vanilla, chocolate and strawberry can be enjoyed…after a meal or after a movie! Small towns offer so much charm and Mickey’s Café is part of the Kernersville charm!